David Power’s Jailbreak Cobh Triathlon Race Report

Triathlete, Adventure Racer, blogger, Race Director, Development Officer, (I could go on..). Are there any limits to what Dave can do I wonder. Despite injury and cramps, he still fought to the end to claim 22nd place overall. Clearly the word “limits” isn’t in his vocabulary.. Well done on a great race..!

Jailbreak – who wouldn’t like to swim away from an island back to the mainland? If they can do it in Alcatraz, Cork won’t be outdone.

After years of going to Kinsale, for a great race and weekend at King of the Hill, I decided to give Cobh a go, mainly due to the novel swim across Cork Harbour. It’s been wild and rough in prior years, so I knew it wasn’t for beginners.

Bad Prep

Friday prep went badly. A stressful and busy week meant I arrived down later Friday night. Trying to fix pedals, tyres and tribars in the dark wasn’t a good way to get set.

Up early to a beautiful calm morning. The novelty of being ferried over to Spike Island for the start was fun. Some lucky triathletes even got over on the speedy ribs.

Harbour Swim

The swim was unusual – no triangle around buoys, just a straight line back to Cobh across the channel. The tide was coming in, so we took off, sighting a red dot on a green building. It was easy until the last 200m when a strong current pushed us all left. Girl power – Claire Heffernan, beat all the guys across the harbour with fastest swim.
Transition was nicely positioned in the park on the promenade. The bike was a nice flat out and back – past Fota Island and onto the old Cork – Waterford road. The surface had lots of potholes in parts (well-marked) and lots of smooth surface too.

Bike past Fota

I found the bike hard – my calves cramped so I couldn’t push so hard – the result of dehydration, lack of exercise, stress and poor sleep. Anyway, I survived the bike and onto the run.

Run on the Quays

Four laps of the quays – so flat except for a nasty little climb – 4 times! I was delighted to post the faster run split (33:13 for 9km). A surprise and relief because my right Achilles has been playing up and I can’t train.
I pushed to the end – narrowly losing out on a sprint finish. 22nd home – good result considering poor build up and possible injury. Well done Cobh Tri.

Flickr photos from Martin Jancek can be found here.

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