Belpark 2017 Highlights

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The following video is a compilation of Belpark highlights from the 2017 season.

Special thanks to Arron Fox for putting it together..


  1. Ellen Murphy

    Love this, especially richly deserved tribute to Helen French. The time and work Helen has personally committed to club since first coming onto committee in 2010 (ish) is astounding. As well as her various official roles, Helen has always been the person who has made herself available to help out with any range of club activities whether leading spins, welcome beginners, or organising official group photos!! She has also been such a massive & wise support to other committee members who have served with her over the years. And with 300 members in club, Helen has always been so fair & transparent in 100% all of her dealings, and worked to serve each & every club member.

    Her leadership has ensured that club is one of leading clubs in Ireland on both participation & competition front, a model of best practice from financial, governance perspective,and has roadmaps in place to ensure its continuing growth (Frank don’t feck it up!!)We should all be so proud to be members of such a thriving club & help ensure its continued success by doing a little bit, whether marshalling at a race or leading a spin. Good luck to 2018 committee…. excited to see next stage of Belpark evolution

    Well done Arron on video & special request from Brendan C. (which I second) for the unedited version of Andrew’s contributed to be released!!

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