Winter Gear Order

Hey all,

The winter gear order is upon us.  The Belpark Store on VeloRevolution site will be open from Sept 10th – 16th.
Orders will not be accepted after this date.  We’ll post the link when the store is active.


For this order, and future orders, we’re using an accumulator to display running totals on items for each order.
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As you know there are minimum order quantities for items.  The accumulator will allow people to see what items are being bought by others and thus what items are likely to go into production.  This will hopefully eliminate the possibility of people ordering items that do not reach MOQ and thus have to be refunded.
We ask that all members use the accumulator when:
A. They are planning on ordering items,
B. The have already ordered items.


Please do not use the acculmulator if you are not ordering as this will lead to false reporting of numbers.
Items available for this order are the same was the summer order, with the addition of two new items, a winter thermal cycling jacket, and cycling bib tights.
Click here to access our Belpark Gear page.

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