Mixed Team Relay National Championships

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The  Mixed Team Relay National Championships are returning to Lough Cutra on the 25th May 2019. Belpark are targeting two records this year…(both our own!). We’d like to become the first club to win the title 3 times. And while we are at it we’d like to break the record for the club with most entries to the championship with 10 teams!
What is a mixed team relay?
It is a team event. Each team is made up of four individuals, 2 males & 2 females. Each complete a mini triathlon of apporx. 250m swim, 5km bike & 1500m run before tagging their team mate. The order is female, male, female, male. It is super short so suitable for even your first race. It brings a really exciting team element to a normally individual sport. Its a brilliant club atmosphere.
Anything Else
The race is part of a full weekend festival of triathlon, swimming and running races so we’d encourage everyone to make a weekend of it and enter more than 1 race. Last year we had members taking part in their very first race in the morning and then doing the mixed team relay in the afternoon so no excuses!
Also please note that this is a draft legal race, you will need a regular road bike. TT bikes or other won’t be able to race. Clip on TT bars will also need to be removed for the race. There is also a limit to the depth of your wheels (if you are worried about this aspect if it please contact Club Captain Ben Malone).

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