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Tow floats can be a great safety device for open water swimmers by improving visibility to others and buoyant support should swimmers need to rest or require assistance.

The safety claims of manufacturers focus on visibility as the primary safety benefit. A tow float is much larger than a swimmer’s head and that, coupled with the bright colour, makes a swimmer more visible to either a spotter, or any boat traffic in the area.

Emergency services have confirmed that locating a casualty is easier.

Those who value tow floats, however, clearly see some benefits to the buoyant nature of the float. They can be used as a support use them if a swimmer experiences pain or need to rest.

Whilst not mandatory for Belpark swims we certainly encourage their use, particularly with novices. We have secured a discount with CycleSuperstore (thanks guys).

If interested, you can purchase one using the link below and we will bring them to the Open Water Swims to give out.

 please buy here

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