The final set of UCD swim blocks in 2019 will go on sale starting on Thursday, 3rd of October at 10:00am.

This set of blocks will consist of 11 individual swim sessions occurring each week at the specified times listed below and will cost €81.00.

The Friday blocks will be split to 3 groups, and people will be grouped according to the following swim levels:

  • Lane 3: Advanced 1:20- 1:40/100. Must be able to swim a 3k set
  • Lane 2: Improver 1:40-1:50/100. Must be able to swim a 2.5k set
  • Lane 1: Beginners 1:50/100 and above. Must be able to swim a 2k set


Block Name First Date Last Date Start End Booking Time Price
UCD SWIM – MONDAY EXPERIENCED BLOCK 07/10/19 16/12/19 06:30 07:30 10:00am €81.00
UCD SWIM – TUESDAY IMPROVERS BLOCK 08/10/19 17/12/19 19:00 20:00 10:00am €81.00
UCD SWIM – WEDNESDAY ALL LEVELS BLOCK 09/10/19 18/12/19 06:30 07:30 10:00am €81.00
UCD SWIM – FRIDAY ADV / INTER BLOCK 11/10/19 20/12/19 06:00 07:00 10:00am €81.00
UCD SWIM – FRIDAY IMPROVER BLOCK 11/10/19 20/12/19 06:00 07:00 10:00am €81.00
UCD SWIM – FRIDAY BEGINNERS BLOCK 11/10/19 20/12/19 07:00 08:00 10:00am €81.00


Booking Reminders:

  • PAYG sessions will go on sale 3 days prior to each event @ 10:00am and will continue to cost €8.00 per session
  • You can book a PAYG swim on the day of the swim right up to the start time of that swim
  • Swim blocks can be purchased at any time during the block period. Pro rata discounts will be given so you only pay for the remaining swims. Contact the Media Officer for details.
  • If you are unable to attend a swim session, then please cancel that session as soon as possible so someone else can book it. There is a lot of demand for these slots so we can’t allow spaces to go unused.

Additional details on how to book and swimming guidelines can be found in the Swimming FAQ.

Questions about swim schedules should be directed to the Belpark Training Officer.

Any other questions about booking can be directed to the Media Officer.

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