2018 National Series – Belpark Target Races

Belpark have picked the following six National Series races to target for the 2018 season.

For more experienced athletes interested in Draft Legal racing please cick here to see more about the Super Series.

All the key information is listed here including dates, locations, when entries open and a brief race report from previous editions of each race:

Race Distance Date Location Entries Open Race Review Note
Lough Cutra Various May 25th & 26th Lough Cutra\, Galway Open Coming Soon Belpark Beginners Race and Mixed team Relay
Hook or By Crook Sprint 16th June Dunmore East.\, Co. Waterford 15th Dec Coming Soon Belpark Club Championships
Harbourman Standard 8th July Wicklow\, Co. Wicklow TBC Coming Soon Standard Distance National Championships
Caroline Kearney Standard 12th August Mullingar\, Westmeath 25th Feb Read Standard Distance National Championships
Dublin City Triathlon Standard 27th August Phoenix Park\, Dublin TBC Read Super Series
Pulse Port Beach Sprint 9th September Clogherhead\, Louth TBC Read Super Series End of Season!

Why should I do these races?

  1. These are the races that we hope will attract the most Belpark athletes creating the best and friendliest racing atmosphere.
  2. John Cafrey, Belpark’s Club Coach, will be tailoring his training plans to peak at these events so get following the plans and be sure to sign up in order to make the most of your season!
  3. Your Club Captains will be in touch reminding you when entries are opening, organising carpooling and issuing pre-race advice to give you the edge on race day.
  4. If you complete one Sprint, one Olympic distance and 2 other National Series races you will get an overall national ranking and you will also be ranked by age and gender meaning giving you a wide range of exciting competition. In addition, your points will also go towards Belaprk’s points tally in the National Club series.

So if your new to the club or an old hand deciding what races you want to target for 2018 look no further!


What about other races?

In addition to the above races the Lost Sheep in Kenmare (middle distance National Championships) will also have a good Belpark Presence but will not form part of our official target races.

Please fill in our club Race Register in the Members Zone and let your peers know what races you intent to do!


What is the National Series?

The 2018 National Series consists of 17 events made up of 9 Sprint,6 Standard and 2 Middle Distance race. The National Series is the premier age group competition in Ireland featuring some of the top events in the country. Series events are located in all provinces of the country in order to provide, as best as possible, an accessible spread of races.

An athlete’s 4 best scoring races in a season, of which 1 must be sprint distance and 1 must be standard distance, determine the triathletes ranking in his or her age group. Rankings are displayed in respective male and female 5 year age bands.

National Series events are also used for scoring points towards the age-group Club Championships. All club members must be associated at the time of the event.

Note: In order to receive National Series and Club Championship points you must hold a racing license for Triathlon Ireland when competing in the event


What is the Super Series?

Please see here for more information on the Super Series.


Anything else I should know?

More details and a complete listing of all National Series and Super Series Races are available on the Triathlon Ireland Website.

If you have any questions on anything above please contact your Club Captains.

Ben Malone: Mens.Captain@Belparktri.ie

Maeve Maher-McWilliams: Ladies.Captain@Belparktri.ie