Arron Fox is the 2017 women’s captain, so we caught up with her to find out a little bit more about what makes Arron tick.

Arron’s sprint finish at the Mourne Triathlon 2015

What sports did you play in school and college?

I was a horse-rider from a young age, competing mostly in show-jumping and cross-country. Fridays were always swimming nights with my local swimming club. Going to an all girls secondary school, hockey was the main sport to play but I was also able to take part in the Loreto swimming galas.

When and why did you choose triathlon as your sport?

When I finished college and joined the working world, I quickly took advantage of the ‘cycle to work scheme’ and bought my first road bike. That same year, a few friends and I decided to sign up for the Skerries Sprint distance triathlon. I remember emerging from the water, doing a full wardrobe change in T1, climbing Barnageeragh hill, managing to get through the run and loving every minute of it!

What does a typical week consist of?

In the off-season it varies quite a bit. I like to do some trail running, turbo sessions, pool swims and long bike rides at the weekends. During the summer months I swim 2-3 times a week. I love open water swimming and getting a sea swim in at the 40ft with my fellow Belparkers before a normal working day begins. With the long evenings I also like to bike 2-3 times and run twice per week.

Which part of triathlon would be your strongest or favourite?

Probably my bike, I love to take part in sportives and this has definitely improved my bike handling skills, leg strength and endurance.

How has being a member of Belpark added to your experience of the sport?

I’m able to train with like-minded people. Be it swim, bike or run, organised training sessions with Belpark gives me the opportunity to push myself and improve. Everyone in the club is so friendly. Pre-race chats while people are racking their bikes, lashing on bodyglide or zipping up their wetsuits also adds to the racing experience. We can share our race stories and learn from eachother.

What are your most satisfying achievements in triathlon and life?

In triathlon, being part of the 2015 female club championships (3rd position). Some age-group National Series race podiums (3rd Caroline Kearney & 1st Mourne Tri).

In life, gaining a geology degree that has given me the opportunity of see some very interesting places around the globe. Managing my IBD and not letting this condition limit me what I can do.

What advice would you give to other busy individuals trying to balance their career, personal life and training schedules?

Having goals is essential for motivation. If you have an early morning swim, make sure your bag is packed the night before. Be organised at the start of your week. Plan your meals ahead of time if you know that you will be training late some evenings. Know what your priorities are and train when it’s OK to train.

Who inspires you in life and sport?

In life, my parents, they’ve done a great job at supporting and always being there for myself and my 3 siblings.

In sport, Paul O Connell for his leadership and John Whitaker, an old school show-jumping legend, for his consistency and still being able to ride at such a high level, even at 60 years of age. Closer to home, my boyfriend who has a great perspective and passion for sports, be it triathlon, cycling or sailing.

If time, talent and money were no obstacle, what event or adventure would you most like to take part in?

Tri related ones; Alpe d’Huez Triathlon and perhaps Norseman. I did some hiking and road biking in the Telemark region where the Norseman is held and the scenery is truly breath taking. I’d also like to complete a few more Cols and Passos in France and Italy….Stelvio in 2017 lads?

What are your goals for 2017?

To hopefully encourage more ladies to complete the National Series races and win the female club championships. For me personally, my running is my weakest so I’d like to improve my 5 and 10km times and hopefully climb the rankings in my age-group.